We are organising a symposium on the next Spring Hippocampal Research Conference on the functions of the subiculum and retrosplenial cortex. There will be the following speakers:

June 2-4 Koen Vervaeke (University of Oslo, Norway) Chair

“The other hippocampal output: navigating from the hippocampus to the retrosplenial cortex via the subiculum”

1) Mark Cembrowski (Janelia Research Campus, USA) “Cell-type-specific rules of a subiculum-dependent memory”

2) Andrew Alexander (Boston University, USA) “Egocentric coding in the retrosplenial cortex”

3) Dora Angelaki (Baylor College of Medicine, Houston, USA) “Allocentric versus egocentric perspectives in retrosplenial cortex”

4) Koen Vervaeke (Oslo University, Norway) “Analysis of self-motion representations in the mouse retrosplenial cortex using two-photon microscopy”

5) Mark Harnett (MIT, McGovern Institute, USA) “Integrating navigational variables in retrosplenial cortex”

6) Debora Ledergerber (NTNU, Trondheim, Norway) “Multiplexed activity in subiculum during a spatial working memory task”